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Treat Yourself to Your Self


You may struggle with loneliness, criticism, anger, jealousy, laziness, overeating, overreacting, feeling stuck.

It is important to acknowledge these feelings and there is much deeper to go.

You and your higher Self can work on your Hurts, Distressing Feelings, TraumaInherited and Family Burdens and with the greatest efficiency. 

Step onto a path of healing from inside out.

Internal Family System promotes a psycho-spiritual approach of an inside work that leads to a connection with your inner family and your higher Self. It helps you to meet your sub-personalities/parts that do exist and are real, and function in complex and interconnected relationships. These are your protectors who protect you from the pain of your exiles, those wounded and repressed sub-personalities/parts who hold burdens and hurts, exist in the dark places of your soul, and act in the undercurrents of your psyche.


The parts need help to release their burdens so you can live a fuller life. You will get to know them, learn to help them, understand their burdens, unburden, lighten up and, and in result

become more aliveauthentic and whole.

The Founder of the IFS model of  therapy, Dr. Richard C. Schwartz, Ph.D., says: 'The Inner Family System is more than a therapeutic technique. It is a conceptual framework and practice for developing love for ourselves and each other'. 

When dealing with emotional and sensitive issues, it is important to feel that someone listens and cares.

Treat Yourself to Your Self. 

Experience an amazing diversity of your mind.

All Your Parts Are Welcome! 

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